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Who are we?

Just like you, we love making and listening to music. As our name suggests we believe that creating records is a craft, that teamwork and innovation are also part of the journey. We like to work with people who feel the same. So, whether you’re a singer-songwriter, band or solo artist, we’d like to hear from you. We might make the perfect partnership, but we’ll never know if you don’t get in touch…


From A to Z: you’re as much a part of our team as we are of yours. From start to finish we’re with you through every aspect of production. From scribbled lyrics to the final cut.


 Where are you now – where do you what to be? Whatever the answer is, we’re here to guide you.


We’ll help you develop your story and work out the best way for you to tell it. Let’s find your audience and tell them.


What could be greater than bringing your carefully crafted work to your potential audience? We’ll help bring the world to your work – everyone deserves a chance to be heard.

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Start your journey with us here – it’s easy to get in touch. We’re listening. There’s no such thing as a daft question.



The Recordsmiths Ltd. is an Independent Record Label based in South Yorkshire, UK. Founded by Composer/Producer Geoffrey Hewitt in 2017, the company specialises in producing and supporting homegrown and unique artists across a broad range of genres.